Ausek 4K 60FPS released action camera will be a trend in 2019

  In order to welcome the Hong Kong Fair in April 2019, Ausek released a 4K 60fps sports camera. This newest action camera is a 2.0 inches models with All winner V316 chipset.

  There are the main features:

  1. Ausek 2.0 Inches 4K 60FPS Action Camera – Capture Incredible Moments

  The Ausek newest 4K 60fps sports action camera is equipped with a 2.0 inches screen, so you can always capture the brilliant moments of your life in ultra-high definition.

  2. Private Tooling True 4K

  The Ausek 4K 60fps action camera has its unique design, it is not appeared in the market before. It is suitable for sale on the market because it attracts customers’ attention.

  3. Support H.265 Video Compression Format

  Ausek 4K action camera support H.265 video compression format. For example, when AVC looks at multiple frames for changes—like the Captain America example—those macroblock “chunks” can be a few different shapes and sizes, up to a maximum of 16 pixels by 16 pixels. With HEVC, those chunks can be up to 64×64 in size—much larger than 16×16, which means the algorithm can remember fewer chunks, thus decreasing the size of the overall video.

  4. Share Your Awesome Moments Via Wi-Fi

  Download the Ausek app and connect it with your device to seamlessly share your moments to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest in no time.

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