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Brand Story

AUSEK’s brand story

The people have faith,  the nation has hope,  and the country has power

The year the AUSEK brand was established coincided with the Beijing Olympics.  After the natural and man-made disasters that year,  the Olympics came as scheduled.  There is no doubt that its arrival has solved countless difficulties and setbacks,  and it has inspired billions of people.  The spectacle of watching the game in front of the TV is still talked about today.  China’s home games are obviously more exciting than previous Olympics.  The Olympic spirit is “higher,  faster and stronger. ” The Chinese Olympic spirit is tenacious,  hardworking,  and selfless.  The spirit of the women’s volleyball team in the 1980s has influenced generations of women’s volleyball players.  How much blood and tears countless Olympic athletes shed before they have the opportunity to stand on the field to win glory for the country.  While lamenting the belief in the athletes,  the founder of our brand germinated the desire to create a camera brand to record every moment.  An unforgettable moment,  this is the original intention of the AUSEK brand,  and it is also the epitome of the patriotic enthusiasm of thousands of Chinese people. 

Enterprises should take the initiative to assume social responsibility

In the second year,  with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards,  private cars continued to spread,  and the driving recorder came into being.  This not only provides evidence for traffic accident disputes,  and plays a certain role in maintaining social stability,  but also provides a tool for people who like to travel by car to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles during the journey.  This is the social responsibility that an enterprise should undertake-to use its own ability to solve social problems and create commercial value. 

“The mountain is there!”

“The mountain is there!” This is what the famous explorer George Mallory said before his third attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest for the first time.  It’s very brief,  but it shows the spirit of fighting hard and not afraid of difficulties and failures in order to achieve the goal.  This is the excellent quality that each of us should have.  This concept has also permeated our products.  Through continuous upgrades and improvements,  the sports cameras we produce have inherited the main functions of mainstream cameras on the market,  and are also waterproof and drop resistant.  The good quality will definitely reach new heights in the future!

Concluding remarks

In the long river of management for more than ten years,  AUSEK has continued to follow the historical trend and continue to innovate.  Today we still stand here,  and the future is too!