Function of car recorder

Car driving recorder, commonly known as car black box, is a digital electronic recording device that records and stores vehicle speed, time, mileage and other status information related to vehicle driving and can output data through an interface. As our security guard, it has more functions! Here are his 10 functional brothers, please take a look.

1. Self-inspection function: After the recorder is powered on, it will test all components and interfaces of the system. After the self-inspection is passed, a "beep" sound will prompt the user that the recorder starts to work normally;    

2. It has the function of identity recognition. The driver uses the U disk to verify the identity every time he drives, and the recorder saves the driving data of each driver by classification;   

3. Recording and storage function of vehicle driving time, speed and mileage Detailed record and storage of vehicle driving time, speed and mileage;  

4. Overspeed alarm and recording function When the car exceeds the preset overspeed value, it will alarm and remind at the first time and record it;   

5. Overtime driving (fatigue driving) alarm and recording function The driver will drive continuously for nearly 4 hours, and the recorder will give a sound prompt, and start recording after 4 hours;  

6. It has the function of recording and analyzing accident suspicious points. The recorder will record the vehicle speed, braking and other information 20 seconds before the accident at 0.2 second intervals;  

8. Data communication function: The data of the recorder can be collected and the parameters of the recorder can be set through the standard USB or serial port; the management function of vehicle information and driver files  

9. The management software provides a good man-machine interface to realize the functions of vehicle information, driver file entry, modification, query statistics and report printing; increase economic benefits, scientifically and rationally carry out staff scheduling and vehicle maintenance.  

10. Store video images (optional camera, SD card). The Mio brand of Mio, the senior sponsor of navigation equipment for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the third largest portable GPS brand in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the top five handheld device manufacturers in the world.  

It can effectively record the illegal driving behaviors such as speeding and fatigue driving of drivers, and then effectively monitor the work quality of drivers, reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents, and improve the level of vehicle operation. Therefore, the use of this product and supporting system platform can improve the overall management level and management efficiency of the company, reduce operating costs, improve economic benefits and the competitiveness of enterprises; objectively and comprehensively record the various states of vehicles and drivers when traffic accidents occur. It provides a scientific reference for traffic accident analysis, protects the legitimate rights and interests of all parties involved in the accident, and facilitates traffic police law enforcement and government supervision.

According to the regulations of the driving recorder of the National Compulsory Certification Quality Center, whether it is a driving recorder or a car black box. All must pass 3C certification before they can be sold. Therefore, buyers must choose carefully when choosing a brand, and purchase products produced by 3C certified regular manufacturers to ensure safety.