Personally, I still feel it is necessary. Usually, the video recording of the rear camera is still frequent, the rear camera is more useful in this case. After all, no matter how wide the viewing angle of the front camera is, the angle is still limited. The rear camera feels noticeably different.

If you don’t want to the dash cam of the rearview mirror, but also support dual recording front and rear, there are still relatively few choices. You can take a look at AUSEK AK-N410 or AK-L14C, which uses Novatek's NT96658 and Sony's sensor. This is one of the most ideal solutions at this price. Needless to say about Sony's sensor, this Novatek processor is considered Novatek. The mid-range series, and Novatek's algorithm is better, although it is more expensive than HiSilicon's solution, but the effect is much better.

This driving recorder, the processor is customized by Hikvision specially for Novatek, which is relatively high-end, and uses Sony's IMX323, which is also a very good sensor. The biggest advantage is support for 4K recording.