According to a recent Strategy Analytics research report, Video Doorbell Global Market Share - June 2022, Amazon will sell more than 1.7 million Ring video doorbells in 2021, extending its lead over competitors and allowing Amazon to consolidate its Leading position in the video doorbell market.

Strategy Analytics estimates that by the end of 2021, the world's top five video doorbell brands are: Ring, SkyBell, Google Nest, smart home provider Vivint, and ADT. Together, the five companies sold more than 3.5 million video doorbells.

Bill Ablondi, Director of Strategy Analytics' Smart Home Strategies Advisory Service, added: "Strategy Analytics predicts that by 2027, video doorbells will not only be the fastest growing camera segment, but the overall smart home segment after smart light bulbs One of the fastest growing devices.


Our AUSEK as the door bell manufacturer,we launched a video doorbell,One-click video call function, the mobile phone can be answered anytime, anywhere.


Doorbell gives you the ability to answer your doorbell no matter where you are from your smartphone with crisp 1080p HD video quality. Easily identify faces with 140° field of view showing you everything you need to see outside your door. Watch live from anywhere, anytime on your phone and carry on a crystal-clear 2-way conversation with a single tap on the AIWIT app.

Doorbell and smartphone should have good internet connection. Low Power Consumption: The doorbell comes with rechargeable Li-ion batteries. They are easily removable, replaceable, and rechargeable. In addition USB cable is provided to charge your doorbell camera.


Instant Notifications & Modular Chime: Get instant push notifications when the doorbell button is pressed. Place your modular chime where you want and you can choose any tone from several different tones available that suits your choice.

PIR Motion Detection: When human body movement or motion is detected, it’ll start recording and send an alert to your iOS or Android phone. It monitors your home even when you are not around and protects everything that matters to you.

All Weather Supportive: With IP65 weatherproofing, home boy is ready for dust particles and rain. It has a built-in IR sensor, see what's there even in the dark up to 26 ft. away (8 meters). Whether it's night or day, you'll clearly see the visitors, delivery personnel or possible intruders that come to your home.

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