I remember that I wanted to try shooting the starry sky a long time ago, but I had no equipment. I only knew that a DSLR could shoot the starry sky before, Therefore, the idea has always been to buy a DSLR when I have money. For various reasons, it was delayed again and again, and finally I slowly felt that for a person like me who was hot for three minutes, the significance of SLR was really not very big.At that time, DSLRs were expensive for me and I couldn't afford them.

The camera is characterized by its small size, and being a powerhouse, but the it is relatively expensive, As a student still in school, I am not able to afford such high cost.In the past two years, sports & action cameras have begun to set off a wave of sports students. so I opted for a Gopro replacement - A Chinese brand- AUSEK,which despite its low price, has very good performance.This of course attracted me very much, I also gritted my teeth and buy one.

Meanwhile,I think it has same function with Gopro 10,In terms of configuration, the Brand of AUSEK display is equipped with image Ambara A7LS A7LS and Sony386 sports 24mp back-illuminated image sensor ExR BSI 2.8 shot large CMOS surface,170 degree ultra-wide-angle non-angle non-wide-angle high-definition glass, and can request up to 38406x2160 photos and 4k 60fps video,both shooting and video recording are very clear.whats more,its dual screen (2.0’’+1.3LCD panel),thats means it support selfie mode.when I got home, it was just a sunny night, so I immediately tried to shoot the starry sky. Here's a 30-second exposure at ISO400 on the roof of my house,from the point of view of action cameras, the effect should be OK, even the Milky Way looks a bit like.