Your driving safety guard will keep you away from safety accidents and SAY "NO" to Pengci

1. Basic introduction

The driving recorder can be compared to a black box for a car. It uses the power supply to start the engine to record video, and records the image and sound of the vehicle on the way through its lens; in the event of an accident, it protects the driver's personal rights and provides evidence; it can also be used to Record the process of conquering the difficulties and obstacles in the self-driving tour.

2. Classification of driving recorders:

1. No screen driving recorder

The screenless driving recorder, as the name implies, is a driving recorder without a display screen. Its main function is to record the images during driving. Although it is not visible at ordinary times, the image data can be exported by removing the memory card at any time when needed. Generally, driving images can also be read by downloading a dedicated APP on a mobile phone.



2. Small screen driving recorder

Small-screen driving recorders are the most commonly used ones, and their screen sizes are generally less than 4 inches. We can observe the record of the driving recorder in real time through this small screen, and we can see intuitively whether the driving recorder is working, and when an accident occurs, we can directly call it on the screen to confirm the responsibility. In addition, due to the existence of the screen, the volume has also become larger, and merchants will generally add more practical functions on it to make it more convenient for drivers to drive.