Your best sports camera companion in this summer

  What makes you have a decision when buy a camera like this? Is it the WIFI remote attract you? or the complete accessories? or the latest design? or the marketing leading price ? Anyway, i think the one can meet all your interest!!   This is a sports camera with a waterproof housing and it also

How to connect the sport camera WIFI with smart phone?

  Now so many sport camera is with wifi function, do you know what are the benefits? How to Connect the sport camera WIFI with smart phone?   What are the benefits of having WiFi in sport camera?   The WiFi in sport camera enables you to connect and control your camera remotely from your cellphone (Android or

How to find out if Bluetooth headphones are right for you

  With rumors flying around that the next iPhone might ship without a headphone jack, more people than ever have been considering buying their first pair of Bluetooth headphones.   But what about wired headphones? Don’t they sound better? What’re the trade-offs? I hear those questions a lot from my friends, family, and coworkers.   If you’re debating

Bluetooth headphones make up half of wearable shipments

  Bluetooth wireless headphones account for nearly half of total wearableshipments, according to analytics firm Gartner.   The company predicts that Bluetooth audio devices in the wearables category amount to 150 million, which itself sits at a total of 310 million. By 2021, Gartner also suggests the wearables market will hit around 504 million units, with Bluetooth

Main Functions of Car Dash Cam

  I guess many new drivers don’t know much about the driving recorder, so I wrote this article to help you get a deeper understanding of the dashcam.   Here are some main functions of the car dashcam for your reference:   Front & Rear Dual Recording — When the camera is connected, the device can simultaneously record

Best Sports Action Cameras Prices Under $100

  Since GoPro dropped their 1st model quite a decade past, action and sports cameras became an enormous hit, not just for skilled picture taking of activities however those that need a totally different spin on a video camera. They’re quite versatile once it involves the exact application and lots of would think about associate degree

How to use action camera with accessories when riding a bike

  What action camera has to do is capture every frame in the midst of the action, the most important thing you want to do is frame the shot or make sure the camera is pointing the right way to record that key moment. We can record the right moment easier with the right accessories.   Where

Most Important Dashcam Features When Choosing Dashcam

  Car dashcam is a kind of camera that you install in your car for many reasons. It can be mounted inside your car, usually on the front windshield.   It will be a silent witness for you in incidents that you will be able to save footages of what really happened in a certain scenario whatever

Latest mini action camera CS1000 released

  As people become more aware of sports camera, its market demand is continuously growing.   Shenzhen Chuangshitong Electronic Technology company developed a latest action camera, the model CS1000, which is the most competitive action camera in the market. First of all, it is full-function as all action camera. Second, its appearance looks so fascinating. The last