How to connect the sport camera WIFI with smart phone?

  Now so many sport camera is with wifi function, do you know what are the benefits? How to Connect the sport camera WIFI with smart phone?

  What are the benefits of having WiFi in sport camera?

  The WiFi in sport camera enables you to connect and control your camera remotely from your cellphone (Android or iPhone). The range for the WiFi is around 10-20m,Which makes it perfect for photo-shooting, outdoor sports, home security, deep-water probing, etc., allowing you to film at anytime, anywhere.

  How to Connect the sport camera WIFI with smart phone?

  1.To use all the WiFi functions, you need to have an app installed in your smart phone. You can get the APP on the sport camera gift box.

  2.Turn on the WiFi on your smart phone. Long press Mode Button to open Wifi function. LCD Screen will show infomation about WiFi including wifi-name and password.

  3.Find wifi-name in the WIFI list of smart phone, enter the password to connect it. When smart phone connect to the camera, the Wifi indicator will light.

  4.Find the APP in smart phone, then you can control the camera via the smart phone.

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