How to use action camera with accessories when riding a bike

  What action camera has to do is capture every frame in the midst of the action, the most important thing you want to do is frame the shot or make sure the camera is pointing the right way to record that key moment. We can record the right moment easier with the right accessories.

  Where to place camera when cycling

  On the bike

  Bike-mounting a camera can work well or can be a disaster. Vibration will ruin a lot of footage, especially on rough trails. But you can also capture parts of your body, bike and the road that you wouldn’t normally see.

  Helmet mount

  This position can potentially give you a great view of the road ahead and is pretty stable. Try not to angle the camera too low though, or you’ll just film the floor and your helmet peak.

  Chest mount

  Using a chest mount gives you some of the smoothest footage, from one of the best angles. Setting the camera to film your arms, handlebar and the trail ahead will give you great context, helping you to spot when you’re not doing it right.

  At road side

  Ask your partner to film you riding — the third-person perspective is great for watching what’s really happening. Remember that most action cameras have wide-angle lenses, so you’ll need to persuade them to get mega-close for the best footage.

  As always, each mount has its pros and cons and since every user has different priorities regarding the kind of shooting way they’re going to do, they need to decide which camera mount best aligns with those objectives.

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