Opening Ceremony of the Ausek PK Competition

  On the afternoon of June 30th, Ausek Co., Ltd. held a party at the Xiangnongji Restaurant. At the same time, the opening ceremony of the PK competition was held. It will run from July 1st to August 15th, and all Ausek salespeople will participate in the PK competition.

  Before the opening ceremony of the PK competition, we enjoyed a delicious lunch and we drank with other people. In my opinion, eating together can make the relationship of all our sales people more harmonious and conducive to future work. So this is a good idea for this relationship.

During the lunch

  At the beginning of the ceremony of the PK competition, our director Sarah was introduce the PK competitive.

The host introduction activity

  All sales people are divided into 2 teams, namely “Asian Tiger” and “Jaguar”

Asian Tiger Team
Jaguar Team

  We have set up a military order like in ancient times. Up to August 15th, we will be punished if we fail to achieve our goals. The picture below is a scene of a military order.

Swear for PK

  This is the whole process of the opening ceremony. Is it very exciting? In this PK competition I hope we can work hard together. All the staff of the Ausek Limited can do our best to reach our goal. I think during this competition we can make progress together.

  We are the Best.

  Fighting, Fighting, Fighting!!!

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