The journey to Yangtai mountain

一. Event time: November 20, 2021

二. Venue of activity: Yangtai Mountain Forest Park

三. Number of activities: all members of AUSEK

四. The purpose of the activity: To create a healthy and positive working environment, improve the spiritual and cultural taste of employees, deepen mutual understanding, cultivate mutual love and affection between members, and strengthen team cohesion.

五. Activity process:

1. All members will prepare their belongings and gather at the foot of the balcony mountain at 13:30 in the afternoon.

2. After counting the personnel, the chairman will convey the precautions and the purpose of the activity, and divide it into several groups after completion. Each group is assigned 1-2 cadres in charge, one team leader and one correspondent.

This is the typical buliding of Yangtai mountain

3. Start to set off, the team marches.

4. Take a group photo when you reach the top of the mountain.

六. Benefits of mountaineering

Mountaineering can sharpen your will and broaden your mind. When you climb to the top of the mountain, when you conquer one peak after another, you will feel extremely excited, happy and contented.

Mountain climbing is not only a challenge to nature, but also a challenge to oneself. Mountain climbing can also inspire people’s wisdom, relax all the original nervous brain cells, and all kinds of creative thinking will emerge at once, let it rush, and then new creative work begins again.

Mountain climbing is of great benefit to the human body. From a medical point of view, it has direct benefits in five aspects: vision, cardiopulmonary function, coordination of limbs, consumption of excess fat in the body, and delaying aging of the human body.

Mountaineering perception

This weekend I was fortunate enough to participate in the outdoor activities organized by the company, leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, getting rid of the trivial things that I face every day, and coming to the majestic and gentle Balcony Mountain. I suddenly felt like seeing the sun and the moon in the fog.

Mountain climbing is not a leisurely stroll, or a slow return of flowers on the Mosque. It needs to overcome difficulties, challenge the limit, tenacious will, and sufficient physical strength. Calm down and think about it. The whole of life is mountain climbing. There are uphills and downhills, peaks and valleys, flat and thorny roads. Looking back, they are all undulating and uneven roads.

The first half of a person’s life is like going up a mountain, struggling up, overcoming obstacles, and only by working hard can you reach the peak and enjoy the most beautiful scenery. Some people say that when you are in pain, when you are bleeding and sweating, you are walking uphill. We often lack the courage to endure the pain and the courage to climb the mountain. Only when we are lacking the courage to ascend the mountain can we stagnate and even give up our previous achievements. Fortunately, we still have time to change, time to think about where we should go next, and time to avoid the sad and desolate boss.

How many people have been obsessed with the free and easy way of a person on the road, in fact, only when someone is accompanied will feel that the road is not so far and difficult.

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