The trip to nursing home to send wormth

1. Theme of the event: “Happy Life Home for the Elderly”

2. The purpose of the activity: In order to promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of loving and respecting the old, and to improve the sense of responsibility of the employees. Make everyone realize the importance of responsibility and the good social atmosphere of respecting, loving and respecting the elderly. This trip to Liushahe Nursing Home is specially held. Pass on love, pass on warmth, let love be warmed by action, and let warmth pass on by love!

3. Activity time: October 8, 2015

4. Location: Liushahe Nursing Home

5. Event organizer: Shenzhen Ausek Technology Co., Ltd.

6. Activity process:

In 2015, our company went to a nursing home in Hunan to send warmth. The old people in the nursing home gathered here for various reasons and lacked the company of their families, so we ate with them, cleaned them, and chatted with the elderly. Let them feel the warmth of companionship, and in this way we spent two ordinary and warm days with the elderly. In the end, our company donated a total of fifty TV sets, in order to let the elderly watch TV to pass the time. Because there is no monitoring in the nursing home, in order to ensure the personal safety of the elderly, we decided to donate the entire monitoring system.

7. Activity perception:

After the event was successfully completed, I looked back on the whole process of the event, and I was full of emotion. Respecting the elderly has always been a traditional virtue of our Chinese nation. However, in today’s era of increasingly rich material, the middle-aged generation is increasingly busy at work and has no time to take care of their parents. Therefore, there are many elderly people who are lonely and helpless in the current society. As young people in the new era, we are very obligated to shoulder this social responsibility and continue to carry forward this traditional virtue that has lasted for thousands of years. We often go to the nursing homes to visit the elderly, spend time with them, listen to them, and they will feel very happy.

We can not only give them some help within our capacity, but more importantly, we can help the elderly to ease their inner loneliness and bring them happiness. Through our own efforts, we can bring love, joy and warmth to the elderly, set an example, create a good fashion of respecting and loving the elderly in the whole society, and cultivate and enhance citizens’ awareness of social ethics. We are very honored and proud of this. We hope that through our practical actions, we can pass on the baton of love, bring material support and spiritual care to the elderly, and arouse more attention from all walks of life to the elderly.

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