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The people have faith, the nation has hope, and the country has power

The year the AUSEK brand was established coincided with the Beijing Olympics.While lamenting the belief in the athletes, the founder of our brand germinated the desire to create a camera brand to record every moment. An unforgettable moment, this is the original intention of the AUSEK brand, and it is also the epitome of the patriotic enthusiasm of thousands of Chinese people. more

In the long river of management for more than ten years, AUSEK has continued to follow the historical trend and continue to innovate. Today we still stand here, and the future is too!

Ausek History

We have other brands, but ‘AUSEK’ is the core brand for AUSEK LIMITED. Under the banner of AUSEK, there are 4 product catalogs including Dashcam, Action camera, Bluetooth earphones, Wireless charger.

In the passed 11 year, AUSEK LIMITED have a keen insight into the request of market in those 4 industries, AUSEK brand become a leading brand for modern life.

Until now, AUSEK LIMITED has focused on these industries and we are committed to becoming the best supplier of whole world and providing customers  the highest quality consumer electronics.

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